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Dialysis Access in Oviedo, FL & Winter Haven, FL

Vascular Health Center Offers Dialysis Access in Oviedo, FL & Winter Haven, FL. We Are Ready to Help You and Your Family Feel Better! For More Information Please Call Us Today or Visit Us at One of Our Two Convenient Locations in Oviedo, FL & Winter Haven, FL.

Dialysis Access in Oviedo, FL & Winter Haven, FL

At Vascular Health Center in central Florida, we believe that everyone who needs it should be able to obtain convenient dialysis access implantation, so they can receive life-saving dialysis treatments. That is why we offer dialysis access procedures at our locations in Oviedo and Winter Haven. Let our vascular specialists help you decide on the appropriate dialysis access for your specific needs in a calm and welcoming office environment where you will be treated with the kindness and respect you and your family deserve when undergoing dialysis for renal failure.

If your kidneys are unable to perform their basic biological function, it can wreak havoc on your body. While healthy kidneys process approximately 200 quarts of blood per day, removing up to 2 quarts of excess water and waste product, patients suffering through renal disease or kidney failure must rely on a process called dialysis to filter these toxins out of their body. Dialysis treatments can remove waste from your body in lieu of your kidneys. However, it is first important to undergo a dialysis access procedure to allow for the administration of dialysis.

At Vascular Health Center, we offer flexible scheduling for patients who require a dialysis access point procedure. Dr. Obinna Nwobi, a certified vascular surgeon, can help you decide on the best type of dialysis access for your specific needs. Your dialysis access location depends on the health of your veins, as well as other considerations, and there are several options that may be explored depending on your unique situation.

Ideally, an AV fistula access will be performed in your arm or leg. This is a process by which a small part of a vein is sewn to a neighboring artery, which causes the vein to become larger and stronger. For those who have weak veins, an AV graft access may be best. For this procedure, a prosthetic graft is sewn between and vein and artery in your leg. For peritoneal access, a small tube is placed directly into your abdomen, which allows the lining of your abdomen to aid in the filtering of blood. This type of access point allows patients to perform dialysis exchanges in the comfort of their own home. Some urgent cases may require a tunneled catheter be placed in your neck. However, this is not considered the best option and is typically used only as a temporary solution because it comes with a higher risk of infection.

Most dialysis access procedures require only local anesthesia. However, depending on the type of access, you may need a regional block that numbs your entire limb, or even general anesthesia, though this is rare. It is important to allow the dialysis access point to heal before beginning your dialysis procedures, which can take up to 4 weeks for an AV graft access, and up to 3 months for an AV fistula access.

If you or a loved one require a dialysis access procedure because of renal failure or kidney disease, please contact one of Vascular Health Center’s two convenient central Florida locations to schedule an appointment. Our vein care specialists can help you understand your dialysis access procedure and answer any questions you may have about how your vein health affects which type of access you receive.


2 Locations to Serve You